About Scott

Guess I need to put something about myself here…..

I was originally born and raised as part of a single-parent working class family in Winnipeg.  Despite a tumultuous first 22 years of life, things turned out okay with a large dose of hard work and sacrifice.  In many ways, these early years (and hours of time spent with my “greatest generation” grandmother) are what developed my belief in conservatism.  Although she was staunchly anti-conservative, she believed in hard work, self reliance, faith, and family.  As someone who was alive through two world wars and the Great Depression, she tempered her compassion with a healthy dose of “people should help themselves”.  She was the most conservative anti-conservative I have ever known.

As a young idealist, public service had always interested me, starting with the first Manitoba Youth Parliament I attended as a 15-year old. However, raising a family, and going to school full time for 9 years while also working full time made pursuing public service a bit challenging.  I did briefly seek the Provincial PC Nomination for the riding of Morris back in 2003, but decided to step out of the race after my first good look at the world of party politics.

However, after completing my MBA in 2010, my wife suggested that I should run for Town Council. Apparently enough others agreed with me running, even though my campaign was very specific in the cost control/tax minimization approach I believed in. It is not overly common to have a platform when running for Town Council, but if I don’t have a platform, then who do people feel they are voting for?

Otherwise, I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with an MBA, and have been in Management for 20 years. I take great pride in being the CFO and part-owner of a growing, independent Manitoba grain and seed company, yet still appreciate the work done by everyone on the front lines, as I have been there myself.

2 thoughts on “About Scott

  1. Hi Carol,

    Thanks for the comment, though you would probably be better off leaving your comment under the “Enough is Enough” story. It is unlikely many people will see it here on my “About” page.


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