Thank you Everyone for the Encouragement

Hello All,

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I published my open letter to Mr. Sinclair.  As I said to my wife, “Sorry in advance, but this needs to be said”.  I fully expected to receive some hate mail and phone calls, and accusations of being racist, homophobic, or generally intolerant.

To my surprise, none of this happened.

All the e-mails and Facebook comments I have received have been uniformly positive, and it appears that it is not only the people of Morris who are tired of sensationalist media coverage.  This blog has had hits from all over the world, and has started going viral, with retweeting on Twitter, and reposting on other websites.

People I know are letting me know that people who don’t know me are reposting this letter to Mr. Sinclair – it is fair to state that the treatment of the Town of Morris has resonated with other rural residents of our Province, and others across the country.

So thank you everyone for your encouragement.  I hope that in some small way this blog, and the efforts of others such as Councillor Mike Hinchey, Mayor Gavin van Der Linde, and Reeve Ralph Groening do get the press to realize that they should do due diligence before publishing articles that irreparably damage the image of a community.

It is often joked that facts should never get in the way of a good story.  However, when the story negatively impacts the people and businesses in your community, this is no longer a joking matter.

Thanks again for your encouragement,



2 thoughts on “Thank you Everyone for the Encouragement

  1. don’t feel bad Mr Sinclair Jr., this town councilor did not do his research either. Mr. Crick you do not have your facts right.

  2. I had a great conversation with the building owner (Carol) today, and appreciate the fact that she got in touch with me to share her concerns over my letter to Mr. Sinclair. I am accountable for the words I put my name to, and wish the media felt the same.


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